Sunday, March 11, 2012

Diablo 3: Magic Find Debate

I was a huge fan of Diablo2:LoD back in my high school days. Some friends from school got me hooked and I couldn't stop playing, even while I was at school. Having gotten rushed to hell by friends and countless hours in the Secret Cow Level, I had nearly an ultimate account:
  • Lvl 99 Whirlwind Barb with enough life leech to heal almost instantly
  • Lvl 99 Breath of the Dying Hydra bow Amazon with crazy IAS to mow down them cows
  • Lvl 99 Breath of the Dying Hammerdin that was doing 5k 1 hand damage
  • Lvl 99 MF Sorc with over 1000mf+
I'll admit, I was a bit obsessed over the game. Heck, the one day I found 2 Windforces and a Grandfather - hardest items in the game to find. I didn't get to the 'top' of the food chain by playing fair or being nice to people. I'll admit that I used less-than-admirable means when the occasion presented itself:
  • Joined a game where someone was using his friend to transfer items to another character. Waited for the one guy to leave. Went up to his friend and said "ok, im ready" to have his friend give me all the other guy's stuff. Social engineering at its finest
  • .08 Unidentified vamp gaze (not really one, had found with 28 durability and sold it as one) Buyer not happy!
  • Botted nearly all day while I was at school. 
  • Even got in on the dupe'ing bandwagon while it was working
So now that I've taken a trip down memory lane, let's look at the new controversial magic find changes that Blizzard has made for Diablo 3. Rather than using personal magic find, magic find is now averaged across the group. At first, this really annoyed me, afterall I loved my magic find runs! But what annoyed me even more were the people that were talking down to people who pursued magic find, often saying that people who focus on magic find somehow have 'nerfed' DPS - total lies.

MF cannot appear on weapons, something already data mined by various other sites.You will notice that MF can appear on everything else, meaning that one of the attributes will be consumed by magic find, in each slot on a true magic find character. While, in the early game, characters will need to choose between items that increase DPS versus increase MF, late game this will become moot. Think about how many items that you have found or heard about in the beta that are things like + health from globes or +Gold pickup radius that could easily be swapped out from an MF attribute (assuming you put in the time locating items to replace it).

Ok, so we've proven that MF gear is the same as non-MF gear atleast in the end game. What about the shared aspect of it? What will happen is, that characters looking to perform MF runs will start their own games together and go on their merry way. Bottom line is, MF sharing won't matter if you find friends with similar interests to play with (MF) since it will be beneficial in the form of more/better item drops by having more people in a game together.


  1. Am I the only person that didn't buy Diablo II back in the day?
    I heard some kid talking about it and I was like "DIABLO 2 SUCKS" then he buttraged me and I went back to playing counter-strike, half-life, and AA 1.x/2.x.

    hehhe not to mention MechWarrior IV: Vengeance, Quake III, Combat Flight Simulator 2: Pacific Theater, etc.

    Seriously, those games kick a$$.

    1. Regular D2 sucked, never played it. The D2 expansion was a lot of fun. I sort of lucked out because I had friends that already had accounts and were strong enough to rush me. I don't think I did half the quests in the game. Also had some very kind friends that let me grind Mephisto with their MF characters.

      Don't get me started on CS or HL: Deathmatch! Too much fun. I loved the MechWarrior series - I started with MechWarrior 3: Mercenaries and got into IV a little bit.

    2. Regular D2 didn't suck. As a single player game it was awesome, I can still remember playing to the late hours with this unbelivable soundtrack from first act.

    3. Alright, it didn't suck but the expansion is what really made D2 popular. I'd be worried to know just how much time I actually spent playing...

  2. The expansion was really a whole lot of fun. Especially the "Secret Cow Level", when I first heard the cows death moos I couldn't help but laugh. The only thing that stopped me from playing was my wrist was starting to get cramps - I think I almost got carpal tunnel syndrome.

    1. I'm hoping that Diablo 3 has some fun stuff in it like the Secret Cow Level. Only time will tell.

    2. BTW bro, you should change your design/layout to an old blogger template and take off the word verification, people don't like that. This new one seems lacking, like it's TOO minimalist. Just a thought you know?

    3. Because I am a fan of Anon, I have word verification on to limit the spam my other blogs used to get with anon postings. I'm still getting a feel for blogger, been here two days, but will certainly keep this in minds as I play around more! Thanks!

  3. I'm gonna torrent this shit. I'm not a trendy motherfucker.

  4. Diablo 2 defined my youth... I spend hours with that game; hours that I could have used with better things :).
    I hope Diablo 3 won't suck me in as hard as Diablo 2 did.

  5. I have an extremely bad feeling about D3
    Luckily, my friends got suckered into the yearly pass for WoW so they got diablo for 'free' and they'll let me use their copies.

  6. omg counting the days till may 15th!!!!! cant wait!
    lets meet on the battlefields of sanctuary ;)

  7. lost many school days to d2 haha

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